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In the superhero business, you’ve got to roll with the punches. At a soiree hosted by super-brain Liam, old friends and foes reminisce over past misadventures. Big egoes and fragmented alliances make for a potent cocktail, as the beautiful Damascus and ruthless Doctor FUNdamental steer the small talk to a shattering conclusion. Five superheroes, one bar tab, zero do-overs.

The Filmmakers

Blowout was created by Superlux for the 2013 Atlanta 48-Hour Film Project. Superlux is a one-stop creative resource, dedicated to the moving image.

Our passion is crafting seductive visual stories that intimately connect viewers and brands.  We optimize this content for every delivery channel on earth – from film & television to mobile, digital & environmental installations.People crave sensual involvement, visual engagement, and surprise. Brands that tap into these needs communicate and connect with consumers in a personal and authentic way that invites enduring bonds.  In the global marketplace, art equals power.  It’s really that simple.


Mark Falls, director

Prior to founding Superlux, Mark worked in animation and broadcast design at Crawford Communications in Atlanta.

During high school, Mark couldn’t decide whether to become a writer, an artist or a filmmaker. It turned out there was no need to choose.

After graduating (graphic design) from Florida State University, Mark worked in Atlanta long enough to meet future wife Loren Fancher, before relocating to NYC to work with Tibor Kalman at the legendary design shop M&Co. He later branched out, freelancing as a designer and illustrator in publishing, music and fashion. For over 20 years Mark’s award winning illustrations appeared in magazines and newspapers and on book jackets, CD covers, and surfwear around the globe. After moving to Miami in 1989, Mark became a fixture in the nascent South Beach art scene before relocating to Atlanta in the early 90’s.Embracing a lifelong love of animation, the future Superluxurian interned in the cel department at Crawford Communications. There his design background found application in film and video. In 1998 Mark became creative director of Crawford’s broadcast design group DESIGNefx.

Mark and wife Loren formed Superlux in 2001, fusing design and production into an integrated creative offering. Mark has written and directed hundreds of productions involving motion graphics, animation and live action. BLOWOUT is his second film.


Loren Fancher Falls, producer

Superlux Principal and Executive Producer Loren Falls’ love of photography sparked a career that spans decades – and multiple artistic disciplines.

Loren worked as a studio assistant for legendary ATL shooters Richard Hoflich and Tom Hill while pursuing certification in photography and graphic design at Portfolio Center.

In the 1980s she relocated (with future husband Mark Falls) to NYC , where she worked in publishing, becoming an art director for Paris-based magazine giant Hachette Filipacchi.

At the end of that decade the Falls’ were lured south by the burgeoning art scene in Miami’s South Beach. There, the freelancing couple inhabited an apartment in the Ocean Drive mansion that would eventually become Gianni Versace’s private home.On returning to Atlanta, Loren finished her degree – in film production – at Georgia State University. She worked as a production manager at Turner Broadcasting’s Film & Video unit before joining Superlux full-time in 2006. Loren worked in various crew capacities on the feature films “False River,” “Twinge”, and “El Norteño”, and the short “I, My Brother’s Keeper.”, and wrote and directed the short “Bug Man”. Loren’s design background, art direction career and inquisitive nature stamp her productions with an indelible visual signature that is always concise, dynamic, memorable and human.

Press Kit

For any inquiries about Blowout, please contact

Director’s Statement

Superhero films are the opera of our times. With their gargantuan set pieces, intricately choreographed wire work, and bombastic scores, they deliver a reliable ride chock-full of the tropes we expect and, it would seem, demand.

What if superheroes were less than heroic? Gifted, employed in crime and counter-crime, but essentially working stiffs like the rest of us?

What if, instead of savior complexes and primordial angst, superheroes were preoccupied with escapism, interpersonal strife and petty one-upmanship? How would super powers serve those ends?In the never-ending buffet of postmodern Superhero epics, Blowout is a happy-hour snack.Blowout was made for the 2013 Atlanta 48-Hour Film Project.

Required Character: Liam Oakley-Brown, inventor
Required Line of Dialogue: “You know that’s not what I said.”
Genre: Superhero

The release version includes additional post work.


Official Images

From left to right: Damascus, Doctor FUNdamental, Liam Oakley-Brown, Morpho, and Medusa at a cocktail party. Chris Burns as Doctor FUNdamental Kerri Baldwin as Medusa Jason Louder as Liam Oakley-Brown Left: Jason Louder as Liam Oakley-Brown. Right: Kerri Baldwin as Medusa. Left: Melissa Lowe as Damascus. Right: Ryan Walden as Morpho.

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